red and green handmade circuit board pyramid paper weight

Pyramid Paper Weight

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Jazz up your boring desk with a funky circuit board pyramid paperweight!

I cut recycled circuit board to create this awesome circuit pyramid. The circuit board square is 3-1/4 inches (8.3 cm) on a side and is cast in clear resin. Due to the shape of the cast pyramid, it creates a really neat optical effect, like a prism, when viewing the circuit board.

The pyramid is 2 inches (5cm) tall and polished to a soft gloss. It has little felt feet on the bottom to protect it and the surfaces it may sit on.

It weighs six ounces (175 g) so it has a little heft to it, but it's not as heavy as a glass paperweight.

Simply choose the color you'd like. Please allow 7 business days for the production of your paperweight sculpture. It will arrive wrapped in bubble wrap and tissue.


All items are shipped in a box for protection and wrapped in bubble wrap. All shipping materials used are recyclable. Your order will be shipped out within 7 business days with tracking.


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