About Us

“The greatest scientists are artists as well.”

—Albert Einstein

Because Science is a love letter to all things STEM, particularly the fusion of art and science. A lot of the products you’ll find here and in our shop are handmade in our very own design lab, while some are the brainchild of other creators. We celebrate it all because science literally makes the world go ‘round.

Because everyone loves a good origin story.

Our Story

Ever since I was a kid, art and science have battled for my attention. At the age of 14, I started Beadwork by Amanda to sell my jewelry at craft shows, mostly because my creative output exceeded my family’s capacity for “just one more piece.” 

But when it came to academics, science stole my heart, and I took it all the way to a chemistry PhD—in semiconductors, no less! You can probably guess where this story is headed…

I discovered broken circuit boards in the lab while attending Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and decided to experiment by casting them in resin to create pendants. The result was striking, and craft show customers fell in love with the interplay between art and science. Circuit Breaker Labs was born. 

As interest grew, my days were spent synthesizing quantum dots (tiny semiconductor crystals) at the University of Rochester, while nights were all about perfecting my artistic process.

This is the part of the story where both paths converge.

After successfully defending my PhD thesis in 2016, I directed all my energy toward growing the business. We are now one of the most prolific creators of handmade and custom circuit board art in the world, and it’s all made in our Washington, D.C. studio. 

In 2021 we expanded the business to celebrate all STEM disciplines, not just the “T,” so Circuit Breaker Labs is now an exclusive product line within our broader Because Science store. Here you’ll find our handmade jewelry alongside stuffed axolotls and periodic table socks. Because we love those things too. 

We invite curiosity so have a browse and ask us anything. Really. We love to talk shop.

- Amanda Preske, Founder
About Circuit Breaker Labs

Discover The Artistry in Science

Our exclusive Circuit Breaker Labs collection of jewelry, art, decor, and more is handmade from upcycled circuit boards, then packaged and shipped from our Washington, D.C. studio. For something totally unique, we also specialize in custom and corporate orders, creating each item to your specifications. What can we make? The sky’s (virtually) the limit.

Staff Picks

We’re a motley crew of scientists and artists with tastes just as diverse as we are. Here are a few of our favorite things:

Amanda (she/her)

Owner/Founder of
Because Science &
Circuit Breaker Labs

Nerdy by nature but called to create, Amanda revels in finding where science & art merge. When not engrossed in entrepreneurship, Amanda enjoys tropical excursions and shopping at craft shows.

Favorite Product:
Rainbow Necklace 

Shop Favorite

Natasha (she/her)

Studio Manager  

Natasha joined the company in June 2021 and has been loving it ever since! She enjoys hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving and hanging with her dog Bella. She is always crafting and creating.

Favorite Product:
Heart Necklace

Shop Favorite


Assistant Store Manager

Jinn enjoys listening to music, reading, and snuggling with her cats Elliott & Wednesday.

Favorite Product:
Rainbow Link Bracelet

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Studio + Store Assistant

“I love to bring my passions of animals and the outdoors to my jewelry design work, especially owls, squirrels and turtles. Ultimately my dream would be to raise environmental awareness through my own collection.”

Favorite Product:
Red Necklace

Shop Favorite

Casey Franklin

Marketing Assistant

Casey spends her days hiking and hanging out with woodland creatures- her day job is at a nature center. She loves adventuring outside just as much as she loves relaxing indoors with a book, a recipe, or too much Netflix. She's been a big fan of Amanda's work since middle school.

Favorite product:
Rocket Test Tube Earrings

Shop Favorite

Social Justice & Sustainability

Behind everything we sell is a deeper mission to support minorities in STEM and encourage environmental sustainability.

Social Justice is AweSTEM

As a woman-owned business with a diverse team, we use our platform to champion women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ in STEM in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of budding scientists. 

Learn more about aweSTEM people in our weekly newsletter and on our blog.

Respect for our Planet

Unfortunately there is no shortage of electronic waste on this planet, so we rescue pieces from the trash and transform them into art. If you have e-waste lying around, exchange it for store credit through our Upcycling Program.

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