Recycled circuit board jewelry is a unique type of jewelry and we developed our own special processes to make it safe for us to produce and safe for you to wear. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

  • All circuit boards come “naturally” in the colors that you see. The boards are manufactured in those colors to aid in soldering and detecting errors. Green is the most popular color for several reasons: It is inexpensive, has been around the longest, and offers the most contrast for detecting errors. Other colors are used on occasion, but the color itself does not have anything to do with the operation of the device it powers.
  • Everything is made by hand in my Capitol Heights, MD studio. I use a variety of hand and electric tools to cut and shape the boards.
  • The top, clear layer is epoxy resin. The high viscosity (thickness) of the resin causes it to bubble on the surface, creating the magnified, domed appearance. Resin is durable and easily polished with plastic polish or vegetable oil.
  • Making this jewelry presents a hazard, which is why we wear personal protective equipment from head to toe, work in a designated area, and have ventilation. Wearing the jewelry is perfectly safe since everything is encased in metal and resin.
  • Circuit boards are made of layers of metal and fiberglass, which makes them difficult to cut. We use circuit boards from computers, calculators, and phones to make jewelry.
  • Silver plated jewelry can be polished just like silver. A polishing cloth will keep the silver looking nice. Resin can safely be handled in electronic jewelry cleaners that aren’t loaded with harsh chemicals (soap and water is plenty).
  • Circuit boards should not go into landfills because they contain metals and parts that do not degrade. We source the circuit boards from a variety of places (acquaintances, festival shoppers, universities) before they are thrown out. Any leftovers that we have are turned into a responsible electronics recycler. 

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