E-Waste Upcycling Program

The Circuit Breaker Labs electronic waste upcycling program is a way to recycle your unwanted electronics and keep them out of the landfill. Trade your e-waste in to us for store credit. It's a great way to responsibly recycle your electronic trash while being rewarded for it with handmade STEM themed products in exchange.


Text version of the image: Electronic Waste (e-waste) doesn't belong in the trash. Exchange your e-waste for Circuit Breaker Labs credit and become a Recycling Hero. It's win-win! 1. E-mail us. Let us know that you have so we can determine the next step. Even if we can't take it, we can help you find someone who can. We can use circuit boards & unused resistors, capacitors, diodes, and ribbon cables. Main to info@circuitBreakerLabs.com 2. Sent it in. We'll provide a mailing address for you to use to send in your e-waste. For shipments over 20 pounds, we'll provide a prepaid label. 3. Receive Credit You'll receive store credit in the amount of $4/pound when your e-waste is received, up to $200 annually. If you have more waste than this, we can discuss a collaborative partnership. *Please note that credit cannot be combined with discounts. The credit does not expire.