Affiliate Program

Love Circuit Breaker Labs? Share that enthusiasm and receive a commission for it!

Easy sign up here:

Once you sign up, you'll immediately receive a unique link that will track sales you generate. Any orders made within 7 days as a result of someone clicking your link will be attributed to you. 

The starting commission is 10% and is paid monthly via Paypal. Once you reach $500 in sales, your commission rate will increase to 15%. If you're a superstar and generate more than $2000 in sales, we can negotiate a raise or create a more official role for you within Circuit Breaker Labs. 

If you'd like to set up a discount code to help with your sales, please get in touch with us to set that up.

If you need marketing materials, get in touch with what you need and we will provide a google drive link. As an affiliate, you have our permission to copy, share, retweet, and repost any content we post on the internet, including photos. Just copy what you need from our site and social media! 

We're dedicated to your success since it also builds our success, so please reach out with any questions, requests, or whatever else you may need via

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