Career Opportunities at Circuit Breaker Labs

Circuit Breaker Labs is a small Capitol Heights, MD design studio that is experiencing rapid growth and is seeking to fill one full-time position: An entry-level Sales Specialist. No prior experience is necessary, but please disclose any skills or experience you have that would be appropriate for the position you're seeking.  

Our company is small (owner and two assistants) but has over 10 years of experience. We create handmade jewelry, accessories, and home goods made from recycled circuit boards. We like to have fun and don’t take things too seriously, but we work diligently to meet goals. 

The responsibilities for the position are outlined below. To apply, click here:

    Sales Specialist:

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Assist or lead live sales events in cashier/customer service role (at pop-ups, markets, expos, and craft shows)
    • Maintain exhibit equipment
    • Maintain appropriate exhibit product stock levels
    • Plan merchandising for events
    • Prepare equipment and inventory for events
    • Assist Owner with online and wholesale sales strategy and implementation
    • Research events for Circuit Breaker Labs to participate in
    • Assess and prepare informal reports on live event results, and prepare recommendations for future endeavors

    Candidate must:

    • Be able to successfully follow direction, as well as manage tasks and responsibilities with a minimum of supervision
    • Be attentive to details, well organized and punctual
    • Enjoy interacting with the public
    • Be able to work long days consecutively (craft shows are often 12 hour-long endeavors) and stand for extended periods of time
    • Have own mode of transportation to move show materials from studio to event location
    • Be able to handle heavy or awkward materials, up to 50 pounds
    • Be able to work many (approximately 15-30 per year) weekends


    • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
    • A background in art or craft is ideal, as is retail experience
    • Experience with e-commerce is a plus (Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, etc)
    • For exhibiting at retail shows, it is a benefit to be outgoing, friendly, and personable

    Job Details:

    • Salaried full-time position
    • Work hours are flexible (excluding craft shows, which have set times) and partially at your discretion. The studio is not a 9-5 culture. Tailor your schedule to fit your life.
    • Start with two weeks of paid time off
    • Given the cyclical nature of live events, it is possible to configure your schedule such that you have extended time off as needed.
    • Some work can be completed from home but will vary from month to month.
    • Other benefits may available, let’s talk about your needs
    • Start at $33,000/year with opportunity for bonuses and regular raises. As company revenue grows, so does opportunity for promotion and corresponding compensation.

    Job Location:

    • Home studio in Capitol Heights, MD
    • On-site at pop-up events around DMV and within approximately a 200 mile radius
    • Air travel to expos beyond comfortable driving range 


    If you have any questions about these positions, you can reach Amanda at (315) 877-3024 or email We endeavor to reply to all applicants within four weeks of applying. 

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