Quantum Tenure Rewards Club Information

Love shopping with us? Get rewarded for it!

The Quantum Tenure Rewards Club is our program that celebrates our VIP customers. It's free to join and currently only valid for in-store purchases. 

How it works: 

Every time you shop, we add your purchase total to a box on your Quantum Tenure Rewards Club Card. After you fill 6 boxes, we'll reward you with an awards certificate to use like a coupon in the store worth 10% of your purchases. So if you cumulatively spend $200, we'll give you a $20 rewards coupon!


Periodically, we'll run bonuses like "Double Box Days" and "Double Friend Days" so you can accelerate your rewards! Stay tuned for emails with info about upcoming bonuses.

Birthday Club:

We'll also celebrate YOU in your birth month! During your birth month, you'll get Double Box Days all month AND on the last Friday of (your birth) month we'll have cupcakes and a free gift for you. 


Terms of this program may change at any time. The most up to date terms are what's listed here on this webpage. Boxes are filled with the purchase total (before tax) on a particular date, so if you make multiple purchases on the same day, they'll be entered into the same box together. Upon filling 6 boxes, you will receive a "Quantum Tenure Rewards Coupon." This reward coupon must be surrendered at time of redemption and is valid on products, class registrations, recycling fees, and custom circuit board art purchased in-store. You may not purchase a gift card using this coupon. There is no cash value. Since the coupon is surrendered at time of use, any unused portion of the coupon is surrendered as well. Items purchased using this coupon are non-refundable since the coupon has no cash value. There is no expiration date for the coupon. Reward coupons may not be stacked (one reward coupon redemption per day) or combined with other discounts. Only the balance due after application of this coupon may be used to fill a box on a new Quantum Tenure Rewards Club Card. Purchases made in the past cannot be added to a Quantum Tenure Rewards Club Card. Currently, purchases made online and at pop-up events do not count towards the program; Exceptions may be granted for online orders that are store-pickup- just let the cashier know you're a rewards member when picking up your order so that you can fill a box. 

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