Custom Branded Products

It's always exciting to connect with businesses in similar circles to mine. It may seem that I don't have much in common with corporations, but it turns out that circuit board manufacturers and E-waste management companies love my work! 

red yellow and green custom logo circuit board keychains

Some time ago I developed a way to combine circuit board with image overlays. I experimented with it on a personal level and once meeting with CBL enthusiasts working for medium-large size companies, I recognized that they'd love to offer customized keychains and gift items to their employees and clients. 

red yellow and green branded circuit board keychains for tech corporate gifting

I've since worked with a handful of companies. I love that I get to learn about what they do and they get to learn a little bit about the artful side of tech!

hand holding green recycled circuit board custom branded keychain

If you're interested in custom items for yourself or your company for corporate gifts and giveaways, please get in touch at

green recycled circuit board keychain and retractable badge reel with custom brandmark and logo overlay