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Happy New Science Friday!

The highlights: Pins galore, meet Danielle McHaskell, and of course, a science comic. 

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Meet Danielle McHaskell


From Danielle:

"This week has been pretty rough. After sitting with this research idea for 5 years and actively trying to put it into motion when I started the PhD program 3 years ago, I was finally able to start my field work. On the third day of field work, I was traumatized by an individual who was terrorizing the community with threats, insults, and racial slurs. I knew someone would call me the “N word'' to my face at some point in my life, but I didn’t know it would be minutes after my dive just as I'd released my weight belt and was enjoying the excitement of collecting my data.

I’m reclaiming my sense of safety and joy, so I wanted to share a happy day from a few months ago when I had my first trial run of conducting surveys at this site. I was taking an ecological diving class and the TA, who is also my good friend @leetlepheesh , was helping me figure out the logistics of doing field work at this site. As you can see, we’re about to make our way over the rocks into the water of the bay. I’m counting the stipe density of Undaria pinnatifida (aka Asian Kelp aka Wakame) which is one of the non-native seaweeds found in San Diego that my dissertation research will focus on. I appreciated the folks in this class for cultivating a sense of community and safety I felt this day. I’m trying to hold on to that feeling so I can bring it, along with more friends and institutionalized support, back with me the next time I go to this site."

Danielle's Instagram: @seaweedsista