Happy Father's Day!

Happy New Science Friday!

Happy Father's Day!

In honor of dads and their famous jokes, here are some doozies:


No matter how popular they get, antibiotics will never go viral.

Rest in peace, boiling water, you will be mist.

Two blood cells met and fell in love but alas it was all in vein.

When life gives you mold, make penicillin

I’m a big fan of renewable energy

The name’s Bond. Ionic Bond. Taken, not shared.

1 millionth of a mouthwash is 1 microscope

We'd also like to wish a happy Sunday to all the father-figures, foster parents, guardians, and supportive people that make us who we are. We appreciate you!

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By the way... HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!


Each June, we celebrate our LGBTQ+ friends by sharing scientific work and voices from that community. We'll also be highlighting all of our rainbow gear so you can celebrate too! Check out our social media to see why #representationmatters. 

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Meet Arya Jeipea Karijo

From Arya (she | her | hers)

I am trans and queer and I am a user experience researcher and designer.//

I have been part of the innovation space in Kenya since 2014. At this rate it is probably going to be my life’s work. A lot of young people here are using technology, entrepreneurship and new business models to solve problems in fundamental areas such as health and nutrition; education access; livelihoods and mitigating poverty; social services, government delivery and welfare. My work is to make sure that innovators are able to think of the beneficiaries, the users and other human beings while building and distributing the intervention.




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