Happy New Science Friday!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

The highlights: Check out our summer grab bag sale (new and improved this year!), see what the mystery boxes are all about, meet physicist Sophie Middleton, and of course a science comic!


Sometimes I make things that never make it to the craft show table but are still quite awesome, so I'm holding a grab-bag sale!

I've sorted items into categories, so you can pick by category and bundle size.

Necklaces, badge reels, keychains, bracelets, earrings, ornaments, and more are all up for grabs while supplies last, with bigger discounts for bigger bundles! These make EXCELLENT teachers gifts and stocking stuffers.

Shop the Sale!


I've also created a few mystery boxes that have a minimum retail value of $95 and are filled with overstock, clearance, and prototype items. These may include art prints, ornaments, cards, candles, face masks, keychains, pencils, stickers, in addition to circuit board goodies!

There's a limited amount of these and they're just $45 each. Stock up so you're ready for White Santa parties and teacher gifts!

Get your mystery box!

Meet Sophie Middleton

Sophie Middleton

I am a lesbian and I am a physicist.//

I’m an experimental particle physicist at Caltech. I work on three international particle physics experiments. I’m currently living in Illinois, close to Fermilab, where I work on the Mu2e experiment. Mu2e is searching for the conversion of the muon (a heavy electron) into its lighter cousin, the electron. If observed this will have huge ramifications for particle physics.

I’m originally from the UK, I completed my PhD and Masters degree at Imperial College London, also in muon physics. I came out in my early 20’s and have been open about being lesbian throughout my academic life. As a PhD student I ran the postgraduate branch of my university’s LGBTQ+ group. I try to display rainbow flags in my office at Fermilab and on social media and Slack. I hope to help create an inclusive environment within all the collaborations I work on.

When not working I enjoy exploring the cities I live in: Chicago and LA. I also enjoy traveling internationally and have visited many countries during my PhD years.



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