Happy *New Science* Friday

The highlights: Shop the Downtown Holiday Market in DC, shop by STEM discipline (way easier now!), meet Jenise Lacks Ruehle, and of course a science comic. 

Introducing STEM Categories

Now that I make STEM gifts that cover many more disciplines than just tech/circuitry, I've created a new way to make shopping for your favorite chemist or biologist or rocket scientist easier!

Click any photo below to get started.

handmade circuit board rocket ship framed art and other astronomy and space travel themed gifts

Handmade chemistry gifts including circuit board erlenmeyer flask ornament

handmade tech and robotics gift ideas including a computer monitor framed art made from circuit boards and motherboard magnets

handmade biology gift ideas including microscope ornament made from recycled circuit boards

handmade math themed gifts including mathematics equations wristlet key fob

handmade physics and engineering gift ideas including an astronaut charm necklace and a recycled circuit board vintage style rocket ship ornament

The Downtown Holiday Market

This photo was taken last year...notice the lack of masks. This year, the market is socially distanced, has limited capacity, and one way traffic. Come see what I have and shop with 70 other artists/small businesses while you're there!


The market starts today and runs until December 23 from noon to 8pm (except a few Mondays in December). Admission is free, and there are loads of holiday decorations (get your selfie on!), food, heated bathrooms with running water, and the best ambiance I've experienced since March!


Mention this email for a free gift when you visit our booth (#54) at the market.

Meet Jenise Lacks Ruehle

Janise is a software engineering student. In her words: 

"Hello, I'm Jenise, a software engineering student @flatironschool 

By day (outside of bootcamp), I work from home as a Technical Writer.

By night, I'm probably watching television with my hubby, doing some light gaming  (lately: #oriandtheblindforest ), or reading about ancient astrology techniques.

I've been dabbling with code since the MySpace days, took a few Comp Sci courses in college, and really enjoy any time spent building/designing websites so after years of working in lots of different industries (and hating it) I decided to finally just do the thing I love.

Anyway thanks for following along on my code journey! I'm currently learning about ORMs & ActiveRecord -- working my way up to my Sinatra project."

Check out her insta to follow along with her tech journey.

ATP biology comic