Happy New Science Friday

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

The highlights: Enter our Ornament Contest (you could win a $50 gift card), meet Oluwatoyosi Adaramodu, and of course a science comic!

Help us make your holidays awesome!

What: We want your ornament ideas! We'll choose the best ideas and turn them into real products. We mostly work from recycled circuit boards, but can also use wood and acrylic sheet. 
How: Just reply to this email with any ideas you have. Think festive, science-y, and/or nerdy! Deadline is August 5. 
When: Two weeks from today we will randomly select a winner and they will receive a $50 gift card that can be spent at CircuitBreakerLabs.com or at a live event (see our schedule below)
Existing Ornaments: Take a look at the options for ornaments that we currently make: https://circuitbreakerlabs.myshopify.com/collections/ornaments
Coming this season: Reindeer, Because Science, vaccines, and a geometric ornament set. For our DC friends and visitors: we'll also be releasing DC-themed ornaments, including cicadas!
Enter now: Email me at info@circuitbreakerlabs.com! If you think of more, email again.

Meet Oluwatoyosi Adaramodu

Hi, I’m Oluwatoyosi, a proud Nigerian.

I am a second year (third year in 2 months) developmental biology masters student at The University of Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing China. Under the genomic and molecular breeding of biofuel crops research group, my research focuses on characterization of transgenic crop plants (sorghum and maize) safe for diabetics and obesity patients. Together with @boneshtanui I am also working on GWAS analysis of salt tolerance in sorghum (molecular work and bioinformatics ).

My preliminary experiments generated great data! So I am hoping for the very best now. Nothing brings me joy than the moments I spend working on my research. Now I can confidently say I am proud of the scientist I am becoming.

P.s I recently got my fifth citation on google scholar,
5 now many more to go!


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