Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

We're over the moon about outer space

We are huge space nerds at Circuit Breaker and it shows! From telescope images to famous NASA women, we've got something for every astronomy fan in the galaxy.

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Have something else in mind?

Not a problem! We love custom work. Just shoot us an email and we can talk details.

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Meet Cheyenne Polius

From Cheyenne:
Have you ever wondered who’s “in charge” of Space? Some of the @spacegeneration Caribbean team got to talk to the lovely hosts of the CARICOM Public Law Podcast and share what we know about Space Law and why it’s important. Big up @mac.centauri, our very own Space Law expert in the team!
So grateful that we got to share our perspective through a Caribbean lens, focusing on why the Caribbean should get more involved in Space Law & the Space sector as a whole!
Cheyenne's instagram: @cheyenne.polius

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