Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

The highlights: Check out our fresh apple products, meet Sheighlah McManus, and of course a science comic!

How 'bout THEM apples!

As summer is drawing to a close we've got pomology on our minds. Pomology is the study of growing fruit. That's right folks, it's apple season and we can't get enough!

Whether you're getting this delicious treat fresh from the tree or fresh from my workbench, enjoy it- apple season won't last for long!

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Meet Sheighlah McManus

From Sheighlah:

🚨Long Post & Life Update🚨

Today is the last day of my first year. I’m really excited to see what my second year has in store. Although, I started my PhD via zoom I’m proud of myself for pushing through and doing my best.

Over the past year I have had many experience, including rotating in a cell biology lab, neurobiology lab, and experimental therapeutics lab. In each, I have been the only black woman.

To be honest, sometimes it’s hard being in a position where you are the only example of what a black scientist can be, but the assignment is greater than me. I am just a small step in a long journey to see black and brown faces in high levels of education, especially in biomedical science. I’ll keep that conversation for another day lol.

I’m happy to announce that I have committed to the in Therapeutics & Pharmacology program, and will be working in the Experimental Therapeutics Department at MD Anderson.

P.S. I also included a throwback from University (last picture) because that’s where my love of research began.#womeninscience #blackwomeninscience #phdstudent

Sheighlah's Instagram: @sheighlah_

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