Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

We've got chemistry!

I wanted to post a chemistry pun, but I couldn’t zinc of anything. Instead, I'll just tell you that we have LOTS of chemistry themed items. Greeting cards, art, jewelry, we've got it all.
Find something for your favorite chemist, or maybe just for you!

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Meet Tokiwa Smith

From Tokiwa:
"One of the biggest trends affecting #forensictoxicology right now is the opioid crisis happening in the United States.
Because of the increase in people affected by this crisis, my lab has more samples to test in order to help bring closure to the victim's families.
It's not always obvious when someone dies from a drug overdose, so toxicology testing is needed to confirm that fact and determine the type of drug that was used and the amount that was in the victim's system.
There are also new types of synthetic opioids being created and distributed all the time, and it's hard for toxicology labs to keep up-to-date on what these new drugs are.
We work to establish testing methods for these new drugs as quickly as we can, in order to not fall behind on what's currently happening."
Tokiwa's's Instagram: @tokiwasmith

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