Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Because Science: Opens October 1

We're so EXCITED to announce that we're opening a science gift shop in Vienna, VA called Because Science. You'll find gifts spanning STEM including chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, engineering & robotics, earth science, space, and natural history, plus all the art, jewelry, and ornaments we make at Circuit Breaker Labs.

Because Science opens October 1 and will be having a science themed Halloween party on Thursday October 21 (stay tuned for details!). If you visit us, show this email at the register to claim your FREE swag bag.

Click the button below for hours and store location.

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Have it your way

You're one-of-a-kind. Your art should be too. We love working with customers to create unique works of art that fit perfectly in your home or lab. Reply to this email to get started or look here and here to see some examples.

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Our latest large-scale logo piece

We made this GIGANTIC 4' logo piece using 153 blue circuit board triangles for Access Partnership. Click the button below to see the time lapse video of us putting it together.

Making the logo

Meet Dr. Sherille Sanders

From Sherille:

"Was anyone else fascinated by microscopes growing up?

I don’t know if that is the mark of someone destined to become a scientist, but it’s always been a favorite instrument of mine. I was that kid that looked forward to viewing slides in school and seeing the anatomy of all types of cells.

I ended up completing my undergrad studies in microbiology and although I went on to become an immunologist, I currently work in a microbiologist position. I’ve worked with all types of microscopes throughout the years. I even helped co-publish a manuscript in the journal of molecular biology on the 3D structure of treponema pallidum (causes syphilis) using cyro electron tomography.

Even till this day, cellular structures under a microscope intrigue me. When I look at things, I still feel like that excited kid, exploring the world at a micro level."

Sherille's Instagram: @ dr_sedulously.fit

Come see Circuit Breaker Labs at a local event! You can see our schedule HERE

Because Science Store Opening
October 1
2674D Avenir Pl, Vienna, VA 22108

Occoquan Fall Arts & Crafts Show
September 25-26
Occoquan, VA

URBN Market
September 25-26
Fairfax, VA