Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

A-ROAR-able Dinosaur Gear

The worst thing about being an adult is that no one asks you your favorite dinosaur anymore. Well no more! 
We've got plenty of products to help you remind everyone just how cool dinosaurs are. Whether it's an ornament for your brother, a clutch for your BFF, or a card for that baby shower, we've got something that will make their inner 8-year old roar. 
Hurry before these products go extinct!

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Meet Cami Uzcátegui, PhD

From Cami: 

"The first scientific question I remember asking was, “How do computers work?” 💻

The first time I saw the inside of a computer I could not stop thinking about how all the wires and metal components worked together to help me use the spray paint tool on Microsoft Paint. At 10, my biggest priority was getting just the right shade of hot pink for the clouds in my digital sky. 🦄

Computers are obviously very complex so I will stick to talking about one of their most basic material components: semiconductors. A semiconductor is a material that will conduct electricity in some cases but not in others. This characteristic is what separates semiconductors from good conductors (like copper) and good insulators (like plastic). This is also what allows them to be made into very precise switches. 🕹

Semiconductors have a unique atomic structure that allows their conductivity to be controlled by electric, electromagnetic or light stimulation, among others. Silicon is considered to be the best semiconductor material and is used in most computers and electronic parts. (Oh hey transistors!) 📟

Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth, and silicon-based transistors have transformed the world of electronics. ⌚️

Semiconductors are a perfect metaphor for the importance of being adaptable. Because semiconductors aren’t very good at conducting or insulating electricity, they are perfect at being switchable. ⚖️•

Sometimes it can be easy to dismiss some skills because we’re not the best at them. Perhaps not being the best at any one thing, but rather having an array of adaptable skills is what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. 💎"

Cami's Instagram: @camiuzcat

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