Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

The highlights: Find gifts for teachers, meet Jasmine Banks, and of course, a science comic. 

Don't forget your teacher!

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but it also could be the small gesture that warms a teacher's heart.

A good teacher can make a world of difference. We're here to help you show some appreciation to the special teachers in your life. There are pencil cups for the organizer, mugs for the caffeine addict, and jewelry for the stylish one. Visit our store or shop online to find that A+ gift!

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From Jasmine:

"On teaching 75 students as a second year… photo two is “can y’all believe they let ME teach?!”

The funding structure of my program relies heavily on my role as a graduate student instructor (GSI). The second term of my first year we were introduced to teaching by starting out with one section and I had 18 students. I now have a full teaching load with three discussion section for a total of 75 students.

I think for me, teaching in person is so much better than teaching online and there are a lot of things I enjoy about it. But there are definitely times where I don’t feel very confident about materials I’m teaching because I don’t know it that well myself. It’s also just very weird being in charge of 25 students at a time because I can barely take myself serious as an “adult” 😂

Here are some things that made teaching easier for me:
* preparing and practicing each lesson multiple times before class
* Being Honest when I don’t know the answer to something
* Making the content relatable for students
* Giving grace & being flexible
The last point is actually so important because our students have been traumatized with their previous classes. When they’ve had health issues or had to miss class for funerals, they try to send us pictures from the ER and send all types of proof that is never necessary!! In a time like this students really appreciate kindness."

Jasmine's Instagram: @jasthephdstudent