Celebrate Space Exploration

 Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

 Reach for the Stars

The top of the tree doesn't have to be the only place you see stars this year. Your budding astronomer will be thrilled to find their rocket ornament on the tree or a UFO pin in their stocking. 
You can also keep the fun going into the new year with our special space-themed lunchbox cards. The fun facts on these mini cards will amuse even the most seasoned space aficionado.

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Come see Circuit Breaker Labs at a local event! You can see our schedule HERE 

Fairfax City Holiday Market
December 10-12
Fairfax, VA
Capital Craft Fair
December 10-12
Dulles Expo Center, VA
Holiday Market at the Screw Factory
December 17-19
Cleveland, OH
We'll also be at the DC Downtown Holiday Market from now until December 23rd!

Custom Orders

Looking for a custom gift? You've missed the deadline for delivery before December 24th, but better late than never, right? 
Your gift may not make it in time, but a custom piece of circuit board art or jewelry will be worth the wait!

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Because Science is open Tuesday-Saturday 11a-7p and Sunday 11-5p.

We're at 2674D Avenir Pl, Vienna VA, right by the Dunn Loring Metro stop in Merrifield. Stop by to see our wide range of science-based gifts & stop in on a Saturday to make your own science ornament (free!). 

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Meet Simone Wallace

From Simone:

"Some days I feel like I know absolutely nothing.
Some days I fail.
And some days I feel like the best student doctor ever
And tbh sometimes it’s the patients and my interactions with them that reassure me that I can do this

So here are some patient highlights from this semester

“You’re the first”: I will probably never forget the patient that told me that I was his first black [student] doctor since he has been coming to TEI… since the 80’s. He was the happiest little old man I probably ever met. He seemed so proud that I was his student doctor and I felt just as proud if not more. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was also a little nervous at the same time….

“Remember who you are”: whenever I encounter a child that is shy and quiet like I was, the first thing I do is ask them to speak up. I tell them “when I speak to someone with my words, I would like them to speak back to me with their words”. Once I told this to my shy young patient, she spoke up the rest of the exam. Before she left, I told her, “I used to be shy and quiet like you.. and then I remembered who I was!” … her mother laughed and said, “see”

“The dentist over the optometrist”: my patient started her exam by letting me know that she would rather not be here because she leaves confused and with a headache. Which I understand… that’s me after many exams and practicals (and speaking of practicals have you watched my latest YouTube video on how I failed mine?) but after her examination was complete she told me that she feels like she actually understands her diagnoses for once and when asked dentist or optometrist.. you know what she said…"

Simone's Instagram: @__simonesays