Season's Greetings from Because Science

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

It's been a busy few months here at Because Science. We're looking forward to a restful holiday season spent with family and friends. 
Whatever your holiday, however you spend it, we hope you have a great one!
The studio is officially closed for the year and any orders placed will be fulfilled in January. But if you need assistance ordering or have questions, we're still online: just send us an email, call us up, or use the live chat feature on our site. 

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Reduced Holiday Hours:
December 24: 11a-5p
We'll be closed the rest of 2021.
January 2: 11a-5p
January 4th: Normal hours resume (Tues-Sat 11a-7p & Sun 11a-5p)
We're at 2674D Avenir Pl, Vienna VA, right by the Dunn Loring Metro stop in Merrifield. Stop by to see our wide range of science-based gifts. 

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Meet Brielle Ferguson

From Brielle:

"Not me on a whole list with @KizzyPhD and Beyonce. 🥺 Even though I'm still not quite sure how this happened, I couldn't be more grateful to have made this year's #Root100.

To keep it 💯, since it's easy to just share wins out here, I've been pretty bummed lately because my main postdoc manuscript was rejected a few weeks ago. For perspective, this paper includes the bulk of what I've been working on for the past three years, is the reason for so many long nights and weekends, and is something I feel like I've poured my heart and soul into. Even though I know from too much experience (my PhD manuscript was rejected 5 times before it was published) this just comes with the territory, it's never easy when someone basically takes a hard pass on what feels like your baby.

This is not just to illustrate that things are hard for me too, but more so a reminder to keep in mind when you're scrolling through social media and feeling like everyone else is winning, that it's way less fun to post the losses.

For at least tonight though, I'll stop stressing about this manuscript and celebrate with this week's Bachelorette episode and a pumpkin beer. 🍻

Check out the article and full list at the link in my bio."

Stephanie's Instagram: @brielleryan