Happy New Year!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Sunday!

Happy New Year!

To say it's been a hectic year would be a massive understatement, but with your help and support, we made it through. Now it's time to kick back and celebrate!
So, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for your support throughout the years and wish you the happiest new year! Best wishes for 2022!
-Everyone at Because Science

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A Year in Review
What a year! Here's a look back at our top most popular Instagram posts for 2021. 

From Jordan:
"First internship program complete✅⁣

It’s been interesting seeing how similar yet different this program is compared to the gap year programs I’ve led. ⁣I have noted how much easier it is to work with college-age students…way less drama and way more fun lol ⁣
However, one thing that never fails to inspire me is the passion and desire to connect/protect our earth that young folks have these days. It’s so dope to be around a group of people striving to make the world a better place. It gives me so much hope for the future. ⁣

Learned a lot this go around and I’m looking forward to taking all this newly acquired knowledge to help improve and craft more meaningful and educational programs for future interns"
Jordan's Instagram: @jrichjunior