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Houseplants are the new pets

Humans have been caring for indoor plants for a very long time, but recently there has been a huge spike in houseplant popularity. Any why not? There are tons of scientifically-backed benefits to having a plant around. They can.....

Since your plant does so much for you, isn't it time to treat your plant to something nice?

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 From Day:

"I read so many tips and tricks to getting the "perfect shot" of wildlife but they usually require an expensive setup, extensive technical skills, an incredible landscape and sometimes even an exotic or rare animal species. I’m here to tell you that you don’t NEED those things to be a successful or accomplished wildlife photographer. I used a point and shoot camera over the last decade (and most of this year) and was featured on@discovery and invited to teach for @biggestweek, @wyomingwildlife and other organizations BEFORE getting my professional setup.

My photography comes from the heart and my passion for the natural earth. I’ve spent endless amounts of time in the wilderness observing animal behavior and that has taught me the most valuable lessons with my camera.

It’s ok to start your photography journey where you are, with the equipment that you can afford and resources that are accessible to you. You can practice at your local park or even in your own backyard. Immerse yourself in nature and the wild will come to you.

Here are 10 wildlife photography tips from some of my closest wild friends. 📸🌿❤️

1. Go out near sunrise/sunset like a Mallard

2. Be as quiet as a Beaver

3. Blend in like a Common Nighthawk

4. Move slowly like a Porcupine

5. Go low like a Burrowing Owl

6. Go zig-zag like a Cottontail Rabbit

7. Stay focused like an Osprey

8. Be curious like a Prairie Dog

9. Be patient like a Great Blue Heron

10. Case the joint like a Common Grackle"

Day's Instagram: @thewildernessgoddess