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Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Copper Creations

Copper is an extremely valuable metal. It's highly conductive, antibacterial, corrosion resistant, and fully recyclable. And best of all? It's beautiful! 

When the colorful solder mask of a circuit board is stripped away, the gorgeous copper patterns below is revealed. 

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Meet Uju Momah


From Uju:

"I’ve been off the inpatient wards for 2 weeks & now on an ultrasound rotation. Last week/this week I got to practice some simulations & procedures (a big part of why I like anesthesia ☺️)


➡️ Bronchoscopy: a tool inserted through the nose or mouth used to visualize the lungs for foreign bodies, lesions and tumors

➡️ TEE (trans-esophageal echocardiography): a tool inserted through the mouth and esophagus to closely visualize the heart

Procedures on practice dummies are never the same as on real patients, but I’ll get there with time 😉🤞🏾

Also, I don’t be fooled–– these procedures require upper body strength! Something I definitely underestimated 🙈

...now who’s going to let me work my magic on them IRL? 😏"

Uju's Instagram: @ uju.momah