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Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

Greetings Galore!

Can't find the right words? Why not send a card! People have been sending written greetings and well-wishes for thousands of years, going back to the early Egyptian and Chinese cultures. 
With a wide array of STEM-themed cards, you'll surely find the perfect way to express yourself to the scientists in your life. Afterall, who doesn't love getting mail? 

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Need a special gift or branded giveaways for your company? Simply reply to this email with what you'd like to achieve and we'll present designs and solutions customized to you. 

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We're at 2674D Avenir Pl, Vienna VA, right by the Dunn Loring Metro stop in Merrifield. Stop by to see our wide range of science-based gifts. 

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Meet Dr. Deu Almeida

From Deu:

"I decided to become a DrPH as opposed to an MD because for one reason: I have no interest in treating disease and every interest in preventing it altogether. In my work as a doula and public health practitioner, I use evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies to improve pregnancy outcomes. Hope to see you all on Zoom or in the delivery room!"

Deu's Instagram: @dr.deuthedoula