Let's talk about Math!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Saturday!

C3l3bra+ing Ma+h

Although all the fields in STEM are important, the "M" never seems to get as much love. Not any more! We're here to say that we think math and Mathematicians rock!  
So bring on the calculator necklaces, the pi art, the equation socks, and the math-themed scrunchies. Math is beautiful and worth celebrating!

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From Ty’ara:

"But while you focus on becoming a trailblazer, something else will be happening. Something extraordinary. Something that you can feel but don’t have the words to articulate. You will learn to love who you are and not care if who you are makes some people uncomfortable. You will know… no matter how much people try to control you…that they cannot break you. And you will learn to find beauty in the places the world tells you there is none. And because of these things, you will know when people try to tell you that you CANNOT be something… it doesn’t matter. Because you will see…you’re more than what they think. MUCH more💛.

Trust your power. Love your blackness you will know who you are.
Ty’ara 💛👩🏽‍🎓

Ty’ara's Instagram: @tyaralee