Celebrate Teen Tech Week

 Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

The future of science and technology lies in the hands of the next generation. In an effort to prepare these youngsters for the challenges of STEM fields, libraries across America well spend this next week offering a multitude of exciting technology programs geared towards teenagers. These programs help students learn about tools and resources available to them and introduce them to new concepts and ideas in the fields of technology and digital media. 
Got a teen in your life who's interested in technology? Help them show off their passion for this exciting field with a unique tech gift!
Robot earrings anyone??

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Even though the store is currently closed, you can still shop with us in-person at any of our local events:

March 18-20 GalaxyCon Richmond
March 25-27 Capital Craft Fair, Dulles, VA
March 26 Union Station Market
April 2-3 Art Blooms, Mosaic District
April 24 Earth Day Event, Lee Heights Shopping Center, Arlington, VA
April 30-May 1 Spring Market, Fairfax Corner
May 1 First Sunday Arts Festival, Annapolis, MD
May 6-7 Spring Market at Mosaic
May 13-15 Virginia Beach Spring Craft Market
May 20-22 ACC Baltimore (convention center)
June 4-5 Occoquan Riverfest Craft Show
June 5 First Sunday Arts Festival, Annapolis, MD
June 4 Annapolis Pride Festival
July 3 First Sunday Arts Festival, Annapolis, MD

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Fun facts about me:⁠

✨Video games = ❤️. Currently, I've been into VR games, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Life is Strange. If I'm not on my computer, my Nintendo Switch is in my hand.⁠

✨ I instantly became a dog mom in September 2021 to a super-spunky and sweet Yorkie named Louie. Don't be surprised if you see some Louie posts here!⁠

✨ I used to be a photographer which means I prefer being behind the camera, lol! I'm super camera shy but I'm slowly getting over this thanks to a few motivating fellow business owners (thanks so much @misskanu and @finchphotodc ❤️)⁠

✨ I'm a neat freak that absolutely hates wasting time; it's my biggest pet peeve but...⁠

✨ I'm also a super-talkative Gemini so it's hard not to keep a good conversation going. That definitely doesn't mesh well with trying not to waste time. 🤦🏾‍♀️⁠

✨ Growing up I stayed glued to my computer and tinkered around with code. I enjoyed using code to make my LiveJournal, Myspace, and Blackplanet pages look code. I know that some of you guys remember those platforms, lol! Soon after I discovered WordPress and began using it for my own blog. WordPress definitely wasn't what it is today but it was still interesting to use. Fast forward to today; I'm still a WordPress fangirl and it's helped me to build a business that I'm so damn proud of! ⚡️⁠

✨ Oh yeah, I'm into building powerful websites for awesome small business owners and leaders.⁠

What I love the most about bringing my client's visions to reality with WordPress is knowing and understanding the scalability it can provide to their growing business. ⁠

You see, websites don't stop after launch; they must evolve with your business. And it's also your biggest marketing tool. I believe that out-of-the-box, WordPress provides the versatility and power that emerging entrepreneurs need to help move the needle for their businesses online. ⁠

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