Happy Space Day AND Mother's Day!

Happy *NEW SCIENCE* Friday!

We need some space

No! Not that kind of space. We're talking outer space! This week holds both Astronaut Day and Space Day (5/5 & 5/6). 
Our inventory of space-themed fun may not be quite as limitless as the great mysteries of the universe, but we still think you'll be happy with the variety. You can show off your love of space with art, jewelry, stickers, and more. 
To infinity and beyond! 

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Don't forget Mother's Day is this Sunday. 

Make sure you tell your mom you love her and thank her for teaching you the value of science and math... and you know... all that other stuff she taught you too. 

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More details will be coming soon for our reopening, but in the meantime, you can find all of your nerdy needs on our website. The Because Science storefront is temporarily closed

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Even though the store is currently closed, you can still shop with us in-person at any of our local events: 

May 6-7 Spring Market at Mosaic, VA (yes, it's Fri & Sat)

May 13-15 Virginia Beach (VA) Spring Craft Market

May 15 Uprigging Festival, Annapolis, MD

May 20-22 ACC Baltimore (convention center), MD

May 21 Shirlington Spring Fling, Shirlington, VA

June 4-5 Occoquan Riverfest Craft Show, VA

June 5 First Sunday Arts Festival, Annapolis, MD

June 4 Annapolis Pride Festival, MD

July 3 First Sunday Arts Festival, Annapolis, MD

Something missing? Please recommend events you'd love to see us at, including craft shows, Maker Faires, and scientific academic conferences & expositions. 


Meet Janelle Wellons

From Janelle:

“Not only can you survive at a place like NASA JPL, but you can THRIVE! I completed my last day as a JPLer this Friday and I hope my story can be testament to that.

I remember my early days at the lab. I was timid, nervous and anxious about having to prove myself at a place full of geniuses. Quite literally, you could find yourself in line for an afternoon drink when suddenly the chief engineer of the lab appears behind you and starts to chat (true story). It’s one thing to reach the dream but it’s entirely different thing to live it. While my friends and family were busy being proud, I was going home each day stressed and spending hours researching every new, mysterious concept that I heard that day.

It took me a while to realize that I didn’t have to navigate my career as an imposter. When you feel that the rug may be pulled out from under you at any moment, it is hard to be your confident and best self. Especially when you are the first in your family, especially when you are one of the few who look like you. It took years for me to accept that I was a decent addition to the team and even longer to feel like I brought something valuable to the table. And looking back at my now completed 5.5 year journey, I’m amazed at how many accomplishments I’ve ignored as flukes.

But they aren’t flukes.

I am so grateful and encouraged by the recognition I received in my short tenure at JPL. And my most treasured acknowledgment, the institutional Bruce Murray Award I received for “inspiring students to engage in STEM, quenching their thirst for knowledge, and sparking a curiosity greater than the stars in the sky” will continue to drive me to put good in the world no matter where I go.

Just know that you can do more than just survive once you make it, you can also spread your wings and soar."

Janelle's Instagram: @itsjanellie