Have you thanked your math teachers?

Happy New Science Friday!

Math is hard, but you know what is even harder? Teaching it! Covering everything from 2+2 to Advanced Calculus, the math teachers in your life deserve a big "Thank You". What better a time than the end of a long and hard school year. 

Need some gift ideas for the numerical nerds in your life? We've got a whole section devoted to folks who are devoted to numbers. Coffee mugs, art, jewelry, etc...we've got a little something for everyone. Trust us- we've crunched the numbers. 

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By the way... HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!

Each June, we celebrate our LGBTQ+ friends by sharing scientific work and voices from that community. We'll also be highlighting all of our rainbow gear so you can celebrate too! Check out our social media to see why #representationmatters. 


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Meet Shawn Cole-Woods

From Shawn (He/Him)

I’m gay and I’m a physics educator and molecular sciences and nanotechnology PhD candidate. //

I completed my undergraduate studies in physics and mathematics (pre-med), as planned when I finished high school. My intention was to become a pediatrician/OBGYN, although my path changed when I fell in love with computational engineering (biology- and chemistry-based), because it gave me an opportunity, as an at-my-core artist, to create pretty pictures using science. I completed a 5-year-long study on ligand-independent and -dependent therapy for estrogenic cancers, blending time between my undergrad and graduate studies. Currently, I’m a PhD candidate in molecular sciences and nanotechnology studying catalyst design and engineering for enhanced proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance. Since 2006, though, I found my passion in education, transitioning from being a physics tutor to educator and research coach in K-though-college classrooms. The taboo of the science fuels me. I find fulfillment in interrogating life with my students through the languages and lenses of math and science. Every day, I challenge myself to hold a space for my students to explore safely, collaboratively, and dynamically while drawing connections that are relative to their life. After all, what’s learning if we can’t find ourselves in it?


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