Jewelry Sets for a Technology Themed Summer Wedding

It's blisteringly hot down here and the AC has been down for nearly a month (don't ask, ugh) but that's not stopping me from making! I received a unique request from a bride-to-be to produce a range of blue circuit board items for her wedding.

She requested boutonnieres and having never made one, I was up to the challenge! BONUS! I used pendants as the focal piece, so when the wedding is over, you can unwrap the ribbon and take the pendant out to wear!

I have to admit, I wasn't confident the combination of traditional components (pearls, flowers, and ribbon) was going to look good with circuit board but I think the keyboard "leaf" really helped pull the look together. 

handmade blue circuit board boutonniere 

Just look at all these cuties!

blue circuit board boutonniere with keyboard and pearls

There's also a *small* battle between them: Android or Apple? I think it's clear what side the bride took:

blue circuit board apple necklace and matching blue earrings

She also requested a range of items based on the needs of each bridesmaid and the mothers. Some had gauges, some needed sterling silver. I did it all!

blue circuit board sterling silver bangle charm bracelet

blue circuit board gauge earrings with steel double flare

Normally I make these leather bracelets with black leather, but the bride's colors were blue and white. I really like the way the white leather looks, especially with this specific circuit board piece; it pairs beautifully with all the white silkscreen on the PCB. 

blue circuit board and white leather bracelet

It was such a pleasure and an honor to work with Christiana! I can't wait to see the photos from her wedding. I'd really like to see the cake and favors!