Location Based Art Pieces & Jewelry

Ever since acquiring a CNC mill, the possibilities for what I can make with circuit board exploded! The first state piece was made with a very personal circuit board and I was so happy to be able to create such a meaningful art piece for my client. 

maryland state art made from recycled green circuit board

Ever since, I've made an amazing range of work including some international countries and provinces! 

ontario canada province framed art piece made from green recycled circuit board


Just last week I got to make Jamaica, and today I got to make Manitoba! 

jamaica framed art made from green recycled circuit board

Manitoba canada framed art made from green recycled circuit motherboards

It's not always green! 

north carolina framed art made from blue recycled circuit board

Now that I live in Washington, D.C., I had to make the flag in circuit board:

washington dc flag framed art made from red motherboards

These special pieces are also made from a circuit board with a significant chip.

african continent necklaces made from green recycled circuit board 

green circuit board Africa necklaces

If you have a unique project in mind, get in touch and let's see if I can bring it to life!