New Science Friday

Will Your Photo Win $100?

photo of women at maker faire wearing handmade circuit board rings made by circuit breaker labs

Circuit Breaker Labs fans: I'm looking for photos of you wearing or showing off anything you've gotten from me! Simply email us ( with your photo(s) to enter*. Multiple entries are allowed. Contest closes 10/22 and I'll select the most interesting photo to win a $100 gift card to spend at Circuit Breaker Labs. I'll also randomly choose some runners-up to receive prizes. 

Maker Faire Live Today at 12:15pm EST

circuit breaker labs exhibits at the virtual empire state maker faire

There are so many amazing Maker Faires in New York and they're all joining up this year to create the Empire State Maker Faire, which starts tomorrow. I'll be live streaming at 12:15pm with a combination interview/studio tour. 

Meet Dr. Akua Owusua

Dr. Owusua holds a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering. She is an #IAmRemarkable ambassador and advocates for career visibility. This excerpt from Dr. Owusua's Instagram has wisdom for those considering their careers in STEM:

"I did not set out knowing that I wanted to pursue a PhD in science and engineering. Or that I could even pursue a PhD right out of college.⁣

But I knew two things:⁣

I wanted to pursue a degree that was employable right out of college and it had to be STEM related.⁣

My undergraduate college was a liberal arts college, and did not offer engineering courses as I had hoped, so my next best alternative was to combine chemistry and mathematics. Coming from an African home, I naturally considered medicine, so for a short while, I added the pre-med track to my two majors. After shadowing a neonatal physician for three months, I knew this was certainly not my calling, because it was not as exciting as I had hoped it would.⁣

This is to say, don't be discouraged if you're still figuring your career path. Sometimes, knowing what you don't want and being adaptable is enough to steer you in the right direction."

Event Schedule

Catch Circuit Breaker Labs at these upcoming in-person and virtual Events

October 16 Empire Maker Faire Live stream at 12:15pm

November 20- December 23 Downtown Holiday Market, Washington, DC, 12-8pm daily except some Mondays and Thanksgiving

If you have recommendations for events, conferences, or headquarters we should exhibit at, please email us at