New Science Friday

Happy New Science Friday!

Today, I released a new version of the circuitree mask that is reversible! One side has a green version of the design, and the other red. It's like a choose your own adventure!

These are my most recent custom projects. It was a lot of fun to design this one of a kind copper monogram necklace. 

handmade recycled circuit board necklace with copper details and capacitor and diode charms
custom framed circuit board art spelling out denis in green motherboard

Here's the winning photo from our contest submitted by Tiffany:

handmade copper circuit board cuff bracelet modeled over beige floppy discs

Meet Sarika Khanwilkar

In her words: 
"There are so many different ways be a conservationist. Lately, I've been spending my time in front of the computer applying to grants and analyzing satellite images. I had a grant interview today so I got all gussied up and wore a button down shirt. Been a while since I did that. 
Other times, I've been sweating somewhere in the forests of central India collecting ground data. But, you don't have to be getting a PhD or dedicate your career to conservation to be a conservationist. Everyone has a little conservationist in them, waiting to be let out. 
Every time you refuse single use plastic or have a conversation about climate change, you are letting your inner conservationist shine✨. What do you do to let your inner conservationist shine?"

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