New Science Friday

I'm exceedingly fortunate to have received my vaccine, but I'm aware of my privilege of easy access to healthcare. So, I created these fun pins to show others your support for vaccination and will be donating 100% of gross proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. Domestically, they've been working to administer vaccines to vulnerable adults and forgotten communities.

Vaccine Stickers

I can't be the only one that didn't get a cool sticker after getting my vaccine! As a maker, I had to make my own! They're heavy duty and have a fancy glossy finish. Since I'm still learning the ins and outs of sticker making (world look out, STEM stickers coming soon!), these are just $1.

Meet Dr. Arlyne Simon
"Arlyne B. Simon, Ph.D. is Changing the Face of Inventing.

Honored as a trailblazing female inventor by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Dr. Simon is a biomedical engineer, author and entrepreneur. In short, she is a “multipotentialite” – a person with many creative pursuits. Originally from the Commonwealth of Dominica, she is a STEAM advocate and is committed to creating next-generation technologies that transform medicine.

Abby Invents is Dr. Simon's venture in bringing diversity to STEAM through children's books. Lead character Abby is a problem solver who marches through life, solving real kids’ problems. Kids are empowered by her go-getter attitude and inspired by her journey of getting a new PATENT in every book. Future Inventors who read these stories SEE themselves as inventors while experiencing the magic of inventing. With each read, they affirm that they can become patented inventors, too!"

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