Valentine's Day Release

For the first time ever, I've released an entire collection for Valentine's Day! Choose from cards, keychains, framed art, jewelry, and accessories to make your celebration more geeky. 
handmade circuit board anatomical heart jewelry and framed art
I've also designed a few art pieces that fit the Valentine's day theme. While many topics apply to the holiday, I developed a small line with heart imagery (with nods to gaming via the pixelated heart and biology with anatomical hearts) and roses that never die. 
handmade framed art piece of a rose made from recycled circuit board
handmade framed art piece of an anatomical heart made from recycled red circuit board
As a jewelry maker, I have a habit of creating too many necklace designs but I couldn't help it!
handmade pixelated heart necklace, earrings, and framed art piece
heart shaped circuit board necklace with robot charm
handmade circuit board necklace with resistor, diode, crystal bead, and anatomical heart charm
I've also made a few options that are more unisex. 
handmade circuit board robot ornaments and framed art
handmade circuit board keychain with anatomical heart charm and heart shaped keyring
handmade circuit board ornament in the shape of an anatomical heart
As always, I'm happy to make modifications and custom items for you. Just get in touch (info at with your idea and I'll let you know if it's possible and work within your budget. 
handmade circuit board anatomical heart card