Be the hit of the Baby Shower!

Happy New Science Friday!

Be the hit of the baby shower with our STEM gifts, meet Oluwaseun Ogundele, and of course, a science comic.

It's never too early to think about a career in STEM! If there's a miniature human in your life, it's time to share your love for all the great nerdy things the world has to offer. With onesies, socks, cards, plushies, and more we've got all you need to make a splash at that baby shower and to get your new little friend

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Meet Oluwaseun Ogundele (aka Seun)


"Seun (@seuninscience) is a stem cell researcher at the University of Cambridge’s Stem Cell Institute, where she has recently been accepted as an AstraZeneca funded PhD student.

Reflecting on her journey to Cambridge, and after observing the lack of Black and minority ethnic representation in STEM, Seun started a YouTube channel (seuninscience) to share her experience as a #BlackGirlInScience.

Through the content she shares, she wants to encourage more people from minoritized groups to get into STEM careers and inspire them to apply to institutions like Oxbridge. Seun is passionate about sharing her application process and equipping others like her with the information they require to reach their academic goals despite gender, race or socio-economic background.

Her PhD project will address the fundamental question: how do cells make decisions about how to divide during development? By understanding how cells make decisions during normal development, we can also better understand how these processes go wrong and result in human diseases such as cancer.

Seun will be investigating the role of the transcriptional factor, Sall4, in cell fate determination using mouse embryonic stem cells. Several forms of cancer cell have been shown to be sensitive to Sall4, giving this protein particular medical relevance."

Seun's Instagram: @seuninscience



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