Happy Moon day!!

Happy New Science Friday!

Celebrating Earth's Best Buddy

On July 20th 53 years ago, humans walked on the Earth on the Earth for the first time. In honor of that fact, here are some more cool facts about our nearest celestial neighbor. 

A day on the Moon lasts about 29.5 days on Earth. 

We only ever see around 60% of the Moon’s surface.

Humans have already left 200 tons of garbage on the moon.

The moon is drifting 1.5 inches away from the Earth every year. 

The gravitational pull of the Earth causes small moonquakes.

Not all scientists agree on how the moon was formed.

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Meet Ron McNair

"Astronaut Ron McNair, brother of @carl.mcnair.7, was the definition of a cool cat. He combined all of his talents during his missions as a physicist, musician and filmmaker all while he was in space. The epitome of someone who used “their whole brain” like astronaut @astro_nicole would say.

He was the second African American to fly in space. He perished #OTD in 1986 during his second space flight aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger which disintegrated 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members aboard; it was the first fatal accident involving an American spacecraft in flight.

Content from: @xtina_korp



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