handmade beaker pencil cups with chemistry sayings and puns like chemists have all the solutions and dont want none unless you got bunsen

Chemistry Pencil Cup - 250 mL Beaker

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Add some nerdy pizazz to your workspace!

These 250mL beakers have been transformed into fun pencil cups using handmade vinyl decals. These are typical laboratory beakers (never used in a lab so no worries about cross-contamination) and are about 3-1/4 in diameter and 3-3/4" tall. 

To order, select:

[A] Cup design- Choose from:

(1) Bunsen

(2) Teacher

(3) Solutions

[B] Vinyl color- Choose from:

(1) Black

(2) Iridescent Red

More Product Information:

These are not coated for dishwashing like the mugs are, so if cleaning is necessary, use a soft cloth for dusting. 

 If there's a design you'd love to have on a beaker, let's talk! Just get in touch with your request and quantity and I'll provide a quote and timeline, plus mockup art if needed. 


All items are shipped carefully for protection and wrapped in bubble wrap. All shipping materials used are recyclable and are often reused. Your cup(s) will ship within three business days with tracking. You’ll also receive care information. 

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