brown and red circuit board office professional gift set

Circuit Board Gift Set - Retractable Badge Holder, Cufflinks, and Tie Bar

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This geeky office professional set is a wonderful way to congratulate a recent grad!

This gift set includes a retractable badge reel, a set of cufflinks, and a tie bar. The set is packaged in an awesome 4" (10 cm) metal tin that is ready for gift-giving. You can choose to have all items be the same color or an assortment. If you select assortment, please leave a message in the note to seller box indicating which colors you want for each item.

Specific details for each item in the set:

Badge Reel: This metal and plastic badge reel is decorated with recycled circuit board set in a bezel (30mm, 1.25 inches) and covered in a layer of protective, glossy resin. The retractable cord reaches about 20 inches (.7 m) and the snap attachment is included for easy fastening to your badge (or keys). Attach anywhere via the metal clip at the top OR back of the reel.

Cufflinks: Pieces of recycled circuit board have been cut to fit into small silver plated bezel cups. The circuit part of each cuff link is 3/4 inches (16 mm) across.

Tie Bar: The silver tie bar is 1-3/4” (45mm) long and features a round piece of circuit board covered in resin. Simply slide the clip over your tie and let the tension of the clip hold everything in place.

All shipping materials used are recyclable. Your gift set will ship withing five business days with tracking. Refer to the last listing photo to see how your item is packaged. 

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