handmade circle magnets in red yellow, green, and blue made from recycled motherboards made in maryland

Circuit Board Magnet Set - Computer Science Gift

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Refrigerator or office not geeky enough? BAM! Here's your solution!

Recycled circuit board in red, yellow, green, and blue were cut and shaped by hand to create this set which contains four magnets. The circuits are covered in epoxy resin for a lux glossy finish. The back of the magnet is bare circuit board. Each magnet is 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter and has a neodymium (rare earth) magnet which is strong enough to hold multiple sheets of paper. This set of four magnets is packaged in a fancy gift box, and even the backing design is magnetic! 


All items are shipped in a gift box for protection and wrapped in bubble wrap. All shipping materials used are recyclable. Your order will be shipped out within three business days.

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