Custom Circuit Board Ornament - Personalized Gift
Custom Circuit Board Ornament - Personalized Gift
Custom Circuit Board Ornament - Personalized Gift
custom blue text ornament made from recycled circuit board
Custom Circuit Board Ornament - Personalized Gift
Custom Circuit Board Ornament - Personalized Gift
Custom Circuit Board Ornament - Personalized Gift

Custom Circuit Board Ornament - Personalized Gift

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Sometimes a perfectly personalized ornament is exactly what you need! Commemorate people, pets, places, or even your favorite hobby!

  • Made in our studio from real recycled circuit boards
  • Choose your circuit board color
  • Use the text box to explain your project 
  • If needed, use the image upload feature to provide an image you'd like us to work from
  • The ornament comes with a coordinating satin cord
  • Ornament size will depend on your subject matter, but will generally fall within the range of 2.75-3.5 inches. 

Don't feel limited by the options presented here: we can create so much more than what we can show. Use the contact form if you'd like more information about our capabilities or to help identify your project options. 


We use a computer controlled cutting machine to precisely capture the details of your custom ornament. Since we work with recycled circuit boards, every piece will be a little bit different. Therefore, the item you receive will be similar in scope to what's shown in the photos, but circuit board positioning/pattern will vary. 

Part of the expense of custom work is digital workup. Therefore, additional ornaments after the first come at our regular rate. 

Design Limitations & Considerations

If your desired subject matter has fine lines or details, we may not be able to make it in circuit board. Some designs just don't come out well at the small scale of an ornament. If you are uncertain, just get in touch with what you'd like and we'll let you know what's possible. 

  • Use the text box and image upload feature to help us understand what you'd like us to make. If you're not sure where to start, get in touch and we'll walk you through our recommendations and capabilities. You can call/text, email, or use the site chat feature

  • Custom orders are nonreturnable, but we endeavor to create a wonderful experience for you. If something isn't right, please reach out to us with your concern and we will provide several solutions, which could include replacement or repair. In order to prevent this, we strongly recommend you request a proof to ensure you receive what you expect. 

  • Are these circuit boards real? YES, and they really are this colorful! Refer to the color chart for an idea of the colors available 

  • We use keyboard circuitry overlays to create a more interesting white space: this is especially cool for flags that have a lot of white, like Texas and the USA flag

  • Need a lot of something? Contact us for bulk rates

  • If you'd like us to include a gift message with your order, please leave instructions in the "order note" text box in your cart

  • Want to pick up locally in DC? Leave your request in the "order note" text box on the cart page and we'll get in touch to make arrangements

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