Vaccination Pin Fundraiser - 100% of gross proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders

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In addition to raising money for Doctors Without Borders (to support their work providing vaccinations to underserved and forgotten communities), wearing these pins will show people around you that you're vaccinated! Put them on your face mask, your clothes, your headband, your tote bag, and anywhere else the message is needed. 

Even if you're not vaccinated yet, think of it as a prize for when you are!

Product Details:

With the aid of a laser cutter and some programming, I cut and engraved maple plywood into token-like discs. Each has a different phrase/image. Each wooden pin is approximately one inch (25 mm) across and has a metal pin and clutch.

Choose from:

1. Thanks Science! (Medal style with red ribbon)

2. Vaccinated (The "I" is a syringe)

Multi-pin packages and bulk packages are also available via the drop down menu:

2 pack: one of each design

10 pack: 5 of each design


All items are shipped in a black cotton-filled gift box for protection and wrapped in bubble wrap. All shipping materials used are recyclable. Your order will be shipped out within 3-7 business days with tracking.

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